Laura Barrett Bennett – Metagetics

So happy to Buddha Brunch with my bible and metaphysics teacher, Laura Barrett Bennett! Learn about “The Language of God – Metagetics and the Bible” Taking metaphysics all the way home to heart, and being in Life.

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Cult Life – Ron Cox – Buddha Brunch

Sitting down with my friend Ron as he shares tales from his involvement in The Unification Church aka The Moonies. Fascinating traits of Cult-ish movements, mainstream or not…

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Buddha Brunch – Heather Wilson – Mustang Prosperity

A couple of weeks ago some postings by my friend Heather caught my eye. Heather is a local artist and prayer associate. She was driving around in a new hotrod (’17 Ford Mustang) and sharing about her renewed zest. In this interview she goes more in depth about how she slipped away from that mind state of prosperity and also how she has and is making the journey back of confidence and abundance!


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Paul F McMillian – Image of Homelessness

At the last Unity Artists Coaltion gathering Paul gave a wonderful presentation sharing pictures and anecdotes from his many ventures with the homeless. I caught up with him afterward for a candid Brunch chat. Thank you Paul for your kindness and for sharing  with so many!

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Joelle Anderson 12/11/16 – Sweet Contradictions

I just got back from vacation on the West coast. While visiting my mom, brother, and family I did manage to do some Buddha-Brunching. Joelle is a meditation teacher and vlogger based in Toronto. In this 12 minute video I Skype with her from my mom’s computer. I improvised the software and didn’t realize a watermark would appear above our heads. 😛 Hopefully it doesn’t distract too much from Joelle’s charm, wisdom, and playful insight. Enjoy! Visit Joelle at Kernel of Wisdom.

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Standing Rock – Water Protectors – Kelly & Loran

Loran Van Benthusen and Kelly Daniels of The Kelly Gallery join us on the Buddha Brunch. Learn what it is like on the frontlines and in the camps at the DAPL protests. Standing Rock reservation North Dakota. Learn more and support,

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Buddha Brunch w/ Amy Zoe Schonhoff

I have been sitting with Amy at our Sangha (at Unity Village with Robert Brumet) for at least a couple years now. I was intrigued by what she shared in our group discussions as well her writing at so I wanted to have her on the show.

Great insight about her early stages of mindfulness practice as a “hermit” and her mindful parenting techniques.

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