My Favorite Videos

Do you know what I love? I love watching those videos of soldiers returning home. You know the ones I mean. You’ve seen them pop up in your news feed. It is usually a football game, or a graduation, or maybe a birthday party. A marine or soldier in uniform sneaks in and surprises the unsuspecting youngster. The cheerleader at the halftime show had no idea their dad had been released early. The boy who is curious about the huge mysterious box in the backyard is overjoyed when his big brother pops out of it. And we are all brought to tears when mom, fresh from deployment, scoops up her tots.

Now that North and South Korea are reaching a peace agreement I am looking forward to even more of these videos! South Korea won’t need the U.S. forces there. Our military can close the bases and start bringing the approximately 30 thousand troops back stateside. We can have many more scenes of soldiers coming home and reuniting with their loved ones.

You know what? Maybe they could make a whole TV show out of it. Every week we can watch dozens of new homecomings! Keep your tissues handy because this is going to be drippy snot face love city! It will be so popular we will want to close more bases around the world. Everyday there can be an hour of troops coming home and hugging their families.  Never to be deployed for invasion and occupation of foreign lands ever again!

Let’s close all the bases and bring them all home. With over 200,000 forces in about 180 countries around the world, that should be enough to keep us celebrating for quite some time. We can have the video playing non-stop for a year. More hugging, more love, more crying tears of joy. Of course the military profiteers won’t like it. They will be crying tears of anger and despair. But there will be far less need to tax our incomes to pay for the bloated military. All those men and women returning home can spend their incomes here. The overall economy will thrive.

And without the U.S. military getting involved in civil wars of foreign states, and without the perpetual bombings and killing of people’s loved ones, there will gradually be fewer and fewer worldwide enemies of Americans. We will be vastly safer. There will be even more reason to celebrate. Once all the troops are home and all the reunions have been shown, let’s not make the mistakes of the past and send them abroad again. Let’s keep them here, and just watch reruns of them returning home!


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