No Thank You


Memorial Day gets me stirred up with revolutionary thoughts. Makes me want to turn the tables on current paradigms, and question all the popular patriotic norms. Time and time again you will hear, “Thank you for your service.” – But not from me. No, no thank you. And in this short video I illustrate why…

Some follow up thoughts to this video…

By no means am I suggesting we need to disparage or disrespect veterans. And without doubt they are due any financial, scholastic, and medical benefits promised them. I simply want to let go of the nationalistic glorification of any and all military involvement. The unquestioning military-worship which is pressed into us from birth through schooling, movies, music, TV, and video games.

So rather than the automatic, “Thank you” what CAN you say when you meet a veteran? Perhaps simply, “Hello” or, “Nice to meet you.” If the mood feels right it may be an opportunity to start a dialogue. Ask, “What was your experience in the military like?” or, “Why did you join?” It may lead to an exchange of viewpoints, finding out what you have in common, or where you disagree. In the right setting you may get to ask, “How do you feel about being thanked for your service?”

In any event, it never hurts to do a self inventory on habits and auto-actions. Check your premises. Question motivations. Live free.

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