Buddha Brunch with LGOBP Improv

This time I am interviewing my own improv squad – Lyn Get Out of the Ball Pit – Caitlynn, Adam, James, and (me) Ned.

We share our love of the game, insights about being a team, and our own experiences of spirituality and improv.

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Buddha Brunch with Bates Reed – Sustainable Chimmunity

Have you ever dreamed of just moving away and joining a sustainable farm community. Rev Bates Reed has some for you. Cultivating the land and cultivating relationships. Learn about Chi Farms in Tennessee.

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Buddha Brunch with IX Film Productions

Founders and directors Lolo Loren and Patrick Poe share their journey of writing and producing films. IX Film Productions is producing comedic shorts and full length features. Having a positive impact on the world through humor. The joys and struggles of being independent filmmakers.

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