What is Metaphysics?

Specifically, what is meant in New Thought (Unity, Religious Science,…) by the term “Metaphysical interpretation”? As in Metaphysical bible interp. I break it down for you in this video. And I give an example to make it easy to relate to.

Below is a summary. But watch the video, because it is really fun.

Metaphysical, in this context, can be described as Intrapersonal Allegorical Metaphor. Use “I AM” to help you remember that. In reverse order…

We know what metaphor is. Characters or things are used to stand in for other things. This is done to make them more relatable.

Allegory is a metaphor which seeks to impart a lesson, or tell the moral of the story. Think Aesop’s Fables, for example. By the way, I know it’s redundant since an allegory is a type of metaphor. But I wanted to emphasize first the aspect of metaphor (using symbolism), and next the aspect of allegory (teaching a lesson). Besides, I really liked the I.a.m. acrostic device.

Intrapersonal means it is taking place “within the person.” As opposed to interpersonal which focuses on relationships between people. Every character, place, thing, and event in the story can be thought of as aspects of your own being: strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, emotions, love, hate, states of consciousness, and so on.

In this way we can use a bible story (or any narrative from a book, movie, or TV for that matter) to explore our own true self. It can be helpful and fascinating to learn how other people interpret these lessons. Yet, I would not get bogged down in trying to ascertain what is the official “correct” interpretation according to such-and-such. Use the interpretations to go deeper into your own heart and find meaning.

Namaste, Ned

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