Go Vote, But Love Thy Enemy

I’m glad to see so many of my friends excited and involved in the presidential campaign this year. They believe in their candidate and they believe they are making a difference. That’s great! This shows they do not want the status quo and they want transformation/evolution for our society.

Get out there. Donate, go door-to-door, make the phone calls, and collect the signatures. And of course, go vote. I’ve done it all. It felt good. Just try to remember a few things.

Your candidate is not a savior. And the other guy or gal is not the devil. If you lose it’s not the end of the world, or the country. And if you win it’s not going to be enough. Will it make a difference? Maybe, I do not really know for sure. I DO know for sure how you can make a difference…

Do something. Help someone. Create something. Go out and play. Go within and pray. Practice your art. Be a friend. Call your mom. (Yes Mama, I’ll talk with you soon.) Forgive someone. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Love your neighbor. And yes, love the candidates you are against. Send a blessing to them and each and every one of THEIR supporters. Do this to the point you are no longer “against” anyone.

It is easy to spread memes which vilify others. That does nothing to bring us closer together. It is easy to point out how hateful someone else is. That does not increase love and compassion in the world. True compassion means to behold those with whom you disagree, and hold space for them and try to see their point of view.

I can hear you responding, “But THAT man or woman is really bad.” I know. I believe you. I’ve been there. And I don’t think I’ve ever won over new supporters through memes or name-calling. Most of that stuff is just patting each other on the back with people already on the same team.

If you want to spread your message, and I just know that is a message of kindness and compassion, you must love the very one who seems to be your enemy. Yes, especially that one.


2 thoughts on “Go Vote, But Love Thy Enemy

  1. Hi Ned,
    I could not agree more with your sentiment to love your enemy. AND I would also encourage my friends to learn as much as they can about their enemy, and share it in a respectful way.
    Your friend,


    1. Thanks for the nice call, son. When I “hold space for someone” or something I am pulling away from, it helps to keep a thing in sight that is theirs or represents it. A candle, a bracelet, a stone. a scene is there for me to see, touch, smile at, LOVE. It takes practice.


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