Spiritual Improv Covenant

This is the covenant which I share with participants in my classes and playshops. I call it a “covenant” though no one is asked to make a promise or pledge. It is more of a launching-off platform for discussion. We relate these ideas with the games and activities of spiritual improv. We explore them as a group, how can they be utilized in your daily lives and relationships? Primarily I invite you to turn within and integrate these commitments with your own spiritual journey.

Spiritual Improv Covenant

1. LISTEN. I listen to everything. I observe and feel with my whole being. I keep a soft focus on myself and everything happening around me.

2. YES-AND. I validate what my partners offer and I make my own contributions. I accept their creations and add what is mine to add.

3. OUT OF MY MIND. I intentionally shift away from the analytical head-space to the intuitive heart-space. 

4. ALLOW THE FLOW. When I get an idea I do not suppress it. I let creativity be expressed through me.

5. RELEASE ATTACHMENT. I let go of how I thought a scene was going to play out. I am not attached to what I thought was supposed to happen.

6. THERE ARE NO MISTAKES. When a “mistake” occurs it is immediately blended into the scene. It is nothing but a new twist in the game; one more part of the creative process. 

7. NO ONE LEFT BEHIND. I do not abandon my teammates. When one of them is struggling I come to their side to support them. Likewise I expect them to do the same for me. 

8. I DO NOT TRY TO BE FUNNY. I strive only to be sincere. True to the character, true to the scene, and true to life. Life is funny enough.

For participants in Spiritual Improv with Ned Kelley


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